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Francisco Mendi joins forces with the French multinational Lemaitre Sécurité

Francisco Mendi joins forces with the French multinational Lemaitre SécuritéThe Riojan company Francisco Mendi has joined forces with the French multinational Lemaitre Sécurité, which is part of the international firm Rahman Industries. This integration, which has been forged over the past few months through the merging of strategic interests on the part of both companies, will give the business group the strength and resources it needs to secure strong leadership of the European safety footwear market in the coming years.

Competitiveness, quality, flexibility and technical compatibility have become the main assets involved in this operation, which integrates two companies with extensive experience in the safety footwear sector. As a consequence of their resulting synergies, the union between these two companies will allow for significant development for both firms in terms of their market as well as their products and technology.

Francisco Mendi
Francisco Mendi is a pioneering safety footwear manufacturer based in La Rioja. The company, founded in 1953, is characterised by its rigour, innovation and its ability to adapt to the market. Its factory is located in Logroño (La Rioja) and covers an area of 11,000 square metres, of which 6,000 are allocated to production, logistics and services. Its team of highly qualified professionals has extensive experience in the sector.

This integration provides financial strength to the company, promotes its investment capacity and allows for growth to take place in the midst of an economic crisis. It also entails the optimisation of production resources, technical design support and a greater capacity for research and development.

The support of Lemaitre Sécurité will strengthen the presence of Francisco Mendi in national and international markets. The product range currently offered by Francisco Mendi, which includes leading brands in Spain, such as Mendi, Vulcapros and Ofma, will be extended through the incorporation of new internationally renowned firms such as Stanley and Lemaitre.

The French multinational has gained a key strategic partner in Francisco Mendi. Through this operation, Lemaitre Sécurité will strengthen its position throughout the whole of Europe, with a major presence in four of its biggest markets: France, Germany, Italy and Spain. It will also benefit from the experience gained by the Riojan firm in terms of business and commercial management, a key issue in the materialisation of this integration.

Lemaite Sécurité
Lemaitre Sécurité is one of Europe’s leading companies in terms of the design, manufacture and sale of safety footwear. Founded in the year 1974, the firm is characterised by its constant commitment to innovation and quality. With headquarters based in Strasbourg (France), this multinational firm produces over 2.5 million pairs a year. It has commercial subsidiaries in Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic, as well as a significant presence in South Africa’s safety footwear sector. Its products are currently sold in over eighty countries.

Rahman Industries
Lemaitre Sécurité is part of the international group Rahman Industries, a leading manufacturer of leather goods and one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of safety footwear in India. This group, whose products enjoy immense international prestige, makes over four million pairs a year and its products are sold all around the world.

Note: If you would like further information, please contact Francisco Mendi on +34 941245199.